By Vic Armijo, June 23, 2016, 12:35pm, EDT

Team Working Nation USA (formerly Team Live Earth Powered by Fight Meso , made up of Kurt Broadhag, Phil Tinstman, Chris DeMarchi and Anthony Restuccia, the same foursome that won last year as Team Live Earth—Road to Paris) continues to lead not only the other 4-rider teams, but all of the 8-rider teams as well. The 8 riders of Team DMS (Kyle Wood, Joe Marinucci, Joseph Lebaron, Andrew Kalley, Luke Tuddenham, David Bentley, Dave Nottoli and Fernando Borghese) are currently just about 11 miles behind Team Working Nation as the two teams near time station #44 in Athens, Ohio.

It appears that although they have half as many riders to share the load, Team Working Nation is going faster—at least they were at the previous time station in Chillicothe, OH. Team Working Nation averaged 23.88 mph on that 58-miles section while Team DMS arrived 15 minutes later, averaging 22.49 mph.
RAAM Media One is ahead of these two teams covering the front three solos. It’s likely that Team Working Nation USA and Team DMS will catch up, allowing RAAM Media One to bring you first-hand reporting on this close battle.